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Aline Thomassen


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‘Ik reis in jouw hoofd’ - I travel in your head - visual correspondent in Morocco is a project by visual artist Aline Thomassen.

Aline Thomassen continues her work in Morocco as visual correspondent. Every day, starting on the 1st of December 2007, a new drawing will appear on the website www.ikreisinjouwhoofd.nl Thomassen reveals her fascination for Moroccan women in her drawings which explore the secret and the hidden.

Aline Thomassen

Aline Thomassen is known for her watercolours and paintings of Mediterranean women in strange, dreamlike situations. She has been inspired by her many and long stays in Morocco. From 10th of December 2005 until 26th of February 2006, the GEM museum of contemporary art The Hague will show her work in her first large solo show in a museum. A catalogue will accompany the exhibition.

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